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Somewhere between all the F-bombs and decapitated Mexicans, Logan pauses for a moment to show us how comic books work in its universe. Not only do they exist, but they're also at least somewhat true. Logan doesn't seem all that impressed with comic book writers' journalistic practices, but he admits there is an objective, historical truth to some of what they've written. They're based on real struggles in mutant history, but romanticized, dramatized, and blown so out of proportion that they enter the realm of fantasy. So they're basically like drawn versions of Oliver Stone movies.

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You just know the Ghostbusters version of 9chan is bogged down with thousands of Marshmallow Truthers providing proof of the attack. The difference is that they'd be right. And from news reports to eyewitness accounts, there'd be a lot of evidence pointing to there having been some sort of attack on NYC from an otherworldly marshmallow creature and his ghost minions. The Ghostbusters version of Loose Change would be five hours long and completely accurate. See that, truthers? There is an alternate universe where you could conceivably be right! That's the biggest victory you'll ever experience!

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Either way, for Terminator denizens, this would be the most intriguing unsolved mystery of all time. We got a hit podcast out of the events of Serial -- the Terminator crimes would obsess fanboys right up until Judgement Day arrived.

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If you think biting the head off a bird is an intense stunt for a metal concert, wait until Daniel Radcliffe chops off his dick at the end of a big musical number. Theatre would get hard fucking core.

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You can't have historical fiction without history, so there would have to be historians doing their best to catalog mutant-related events even as the mainstream was persecuting them. In Logan , an unnamed mutant-triggered catastrophe has made the mainstream so anti-mutant that this would be like people today recording the history of the perpetrators of 9/66. That means the comic book nerds of this world are more like dads who love John Le Carre novels. And comic conventions would be the equivalent of heading to the Javits Center dressed like Seal Team Six or Al-Zawahiri.

And since the battles waged by mutants would be some of the biggest, most dramatic in American history, you can bet that there would be even more Marvel's Civil War reenactors than there we have for the actual Civil War. People would keep the memory of the Battle of Alcatraz alive by pantomiming in Phoenix and Magneto cosplay, hurling homemade Styrofoam fireballs at one another. And we would call them dorks. Some things would be consistent across both worlds.

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The Last Jedi is almost in theaters, so let s pause for a moment and reflect on all the mind-boggling crapola that didn t make its way into our favorite robes-and-laser-swords epic.

But thanks to Riggan's willingness to leave it all on the stage -- by which we mean the majority of his nose -- Tabitha comes around. She dubs Riggan's play a resounding success, and claims he has a created a new theatre movement: superrealism. By shedding literal blood on stage, Riggan's brought the theater into a more intense -- and even more self-destructive -- realm.