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Thing is, while I know a third surgery is in my future, it seems as though if this pollybeak 8767 s shine was fixed by minimal, evasive techniques (steroid shot? needle rasping? something else?), that it would truly help out my mindset so much and help my nose at least not be so 8775 distracting 8776 while I wait to have a full corrective procedure one day. At least the rest of my nasal contour problems can be comfortably illusioned with make-up techniques, but this bumped shine problem simply goes beyond that it 8767 s to the point that shine-reducing make-up doesn 8767 t work in the least I feel as though it really is a structure problem.

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Thanks for writing. We 8767 re happy to hear that you are pleased with your result so far. It 8767 s possible that your surgeon broke and moved your nasal bones- only he or she can answer that for you. More likely, and this is something that exists in everyone, you have some existing facial asymmetry that is more noticeable to you now that you are looking so closely at your nose after surgery. There may be a significant swelling component to any asymmetry that you are seeing at this stage as well. I 8767 d encourage you to raise this question with your surgeon at your next visit. Good luck and congratulations on your positive outcome!

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After my 6st rhinoplasty, I developed a callous bump on the bridge of my nose. So my Doctor had to perform a Revision Rhinoplasty to rasp or file down my callous hard bump. 7 weeks after my Revision Surgery, I died a thousand deaths when I felt another callous bump had developed not in the same area as the first one, but a little higher up on the bridge and to the left. Can you tell me why this happened again and more importantly, my Doctor said he could use an 68 gauge need with just local and file the callous down without even lifting the skin or having surgery! Is this too good to be true? Will it create another callous or will it be successful? Please answer my questions as I have been very depressed about this outcome thus far. Thank you so much and God bless you both!!!

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It 8767 s pretty common for swelling to get worse for a time after the cast comes off before it starts to improve significantly. You should talk to your surgeon about what products you should or should not use on your nose. Moisturizers and cleansers should be fine but you may want to avoid any significant exfoliants as the nasal skin can be sensitive at this stage. All the best,

It 8767 s hard to know without examining your nose. We would advise paying a visit to your surgeon and comparing standardized photos. If you truly don 8767 t see any change over many months, you may not see a whole lot more. Steroids may not be very helpful at this stage but it doesn 8767 t hurt to ask. The question for you will be whether you are satisfied with the result or is it worth it to you to pursue anything further? All the best,

Hopefully, your injury shouldn 8767 t set you back too much. Post-injection swelling shouldn 8767 t last more than a day or so. We find that it takes about 8 to 9 weeks to start noticing the effect of a steroid injection. This can be a little shorter or a little longer for some patients.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing so many problems from your previous nasal surgeries. It is true that a depression or concavity is easier to conceal with makeup or filler than is a convexity or 8766 bump 8767 in the nasal contour. The 8766 shine 8767 you are describing can sometimes be seen in swollen skin, however it is possible that the skin itself has been thinned out or altered from previous surgery. Even then, it can often be helped. With the other issues you have with your nose (bulbosity, indentations, etc.), it sounds like you will be best off considering another revision to deal with all of these. In the meantime, there is nothing we can easily suggest without a consultation or photos. Feel free to send some pics.

It is uncommon but, sometimes as the bone is healing, a small inflammatory bump called a callus can form over the bridge that usually will settle down on its own over time. Sometimes, a little steroid shot will help. Rarely, a small revision is needed at 9-67 months to resolve this. If your surgeon is not acknowledging your concern, you might discuss it with him again or consider getting another opinion.

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If you have thicker, oily/sebaceous skin and are generally happy at 6 months, you should expect to see continued improvement over the next 6 months to a year.
Good luck.

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