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Date: 2017-12-23 23:01

Now let’s open it up to your suggestions for improvements. This idea has existed (mostly) in a vacuum up until now, and these kinds of things always benefit from other people’s suggestions. For example, I’m curious if anyone would prefer to use templates, instead of commands that run on a per-page basis. Or perhaps you’ve found a bug somewhere.

IOS Grid System, A Free Extension For Adobe Fireworks

Export Commands (by Aaron Beall ) is a set of commands that allows you to export pages and states to files at the same time, export slices as a single image (or each slice as a separate image), export all styles in one document as CSS styles, and export a selection (or a whole Fireworks PNG file) to SVG file format. (In my opinion, the &ldquo Export to SVG&rdquo feature is the most important one in this set.)

Firework stopwatch timer Free Download for Windows

There are a few different ways of using the command, and generally it works very well for background patterns that repeat either horizontally or vertically.

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Now, I just open Adobe Fireworks, create a new project, and then select what iOS device I’ll be designing for and the number of columns I’ll need. Then, the grid appears on my canvas, along with some nicely sized gutters, which help my design breathe a little easier.

Gradient Panel and Gradient Direction Editor (both created by Grant Hinkson ) are a couple of extensions that greatly enhance the control over gradients in Fireworks.

You can get the Texture Panel from Sourceforge and read all the details about its use in our article (written by the author of the panel himself), &ldquo Using The Texture Panel In Adobe Fireworks &rdquo . If you work a lot with textures in Fireworks, this panel is an absolute must-have!

Of course, you are not limited to the width of the borders only — you can also change the color of each border separately. To do so, click the crosshair icon next to a border to open its color picker. You can also change the background color of the Multi-Border auto shape, by clicking on the the upper crosshair icon in the middle of the rectangle. And if you need even more control, you can change the border widths and colors numerically, by using the Multi-Border auto shape&rsquo s Properties dialog box.

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( Note: We have covered Export Commands in detail — and specifically, the &ldquo Export to SVG&rdquo feature — in the article &ldquo Optimizing The Design Workflow With Fireworks Extensions (Part 8),&rdquo section &ldquo Export Commands &rdquo .)

Installing and using the iOS grid extension in Fireworks is pretty easy. We’ll explain the process in detail, but you can jump to the download section and try the extension right away.

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