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Date: 2017-12-28 16:43

It is important to note that while resin statues and sculpture do well in rain and can handle temperatures above freezing, they are not as resistant to harsh winter conditions. The expansion and contraction of ice in crevices may crack the piece and it is, therefore, recommended that the sculpture be brought inside when freezing temperatures threaten.

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".Loaded with action and starring a kick butt heroine who from the opening scene until the final climax is donkey kicking seemingly every character in sight."

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Roleplaying Application:  Listen more than talk. When you do speak, it should be important. Hellbred can be depressing people so couch your statements in terms of doom, temptation, and virtue.

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Hellbred are deeply devout individuals. Because of their choice, they have gained the tools to destroy their gravest foes and earned a chance to find a place on one of the celestial planes. Many hellbred revere St. Cuthbert taking strength from the promise of justice he offers, but most embrace the valor inherent in Heironeous. Many hellbred turn to Phieran, the deity of suffering, endurance, and perseverance, since the Tortured God understands their sacrifice. And celebrats their martyrdom.

Given the abilities available to a hellbred, any feat that adds or enhanes existing abilities can only help him. Many a hellbred character does well to pursue the paladin class. If so, a hellbred's potentially high charisma score grants additional uses of turn undead. By also taking divine feats, he can spend turn attempts to aid his fight against the forces of Hell in a variety of ways.

Hellbred are intense characters. Evil is a real and active force, and they live to oppose it. They don't work well with those who dabble in evil, and are quick to destroy those who embrace wickedness.

Hellbred are the accursed, the damned, and the outcast. They are loners, cast-offs of their former societies. Despite their noble intentions, many see them as abominations. Thus most societies shun hellbred.

Roleplaying Application:  Sulk frequently. Try not to laugh at jokes, and certainly don't crack them yourself. Try to focus on the mission. Be all business, all the time.

Praise for the Jill Kismet series 58 "This mind-blowing series remains a must-read for all urban fantasy lovers." 656 "Jill Kismet is, above all else, a survivor, and it is her story that will haunt readers long after the blood, gore and demons have faded into memory." 656 RT Book Reviews ".Loaded with action and starring a kick butt heroine who from the opening scene until the final climax is donkey kicking seemingly every character in sight." 656 Harriet Klausner