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Mass Effect 3 Gamerip (Sam Hulick, Sonic Mayhem and Others (Mass mayhem torrent)

Mass Effect 3 Gamerip (Sam Hulick, Sonic Mayhem and Others

Date: 2017-12-16 09:29

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Question, do I HAVE to play a shep that has access to the Cerberus HQ mission, or can I start a new ME8 game and still use the MEHEM?

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The files must be somewhere because ME8 wouldn't run without them. Are you sure you looked on the right drive? Also, you can try and use ME8Explorer's "Show known Path" option in the "Options" menu (you need the latest version of ME8Explorer for that).

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What an awesome mod. There just in no other way to express that. I respect BioWare's decision to go with the endings they did, but I sure wish that they did understand that with everyone being so invested in Shepard, him/her actually beating the Reapers and living to enjoy it, NEEDED to be included in the game endings.

You mean to say you had MEEM installed prior to this? Do you have a back-up of the game's files their state prior to installing that? If so, move those back into place.

You can install the mod whenever you like without problems.
The only thing you need is a savegame for which the extended cut DLC was already installed by the time you started the Cronos Station/Cerberus HQ mission (obviously, if you use a savegame from before that it's fine as well).
If you don't have one, just play through the original ending once. This will reset your game to a point just before the Cerberus HQ mission and you can play with the mod from there.

Yes, if you're getting that error, you'll have to create a free account here in MODDB to have access to the download mirror, otherwise that error will keep showing.

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Oh, and by the way - out of curiosity I checked my save folder and I see NewGamePlusSave sitting in there. The only question is why this little ****** doesn't work.

I tried that, but when I went to use the fix, I couldn't find the DLC folders. In fact, I did a search for and *.sfar and came up with nothing. Origin doesn't have anything to do with it, does it?

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