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Date: 2017-12-25 10:00

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Gray Secant has returned to Ilum, continuing its mysterious millennia-long mission to collect and study data on every sentient civilization.

SWTOR Planetary Conquests Guide - Dulfy

That 8767 s it, I have verified with an alt. Repeatable objectives can be done with alts (. all your alts can do the Makeb weekly) while unique objectives done with one character can 8767 t be your alts.

Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - The Lawful Path

The thing is you need to see the guild not just as a cosmetic item but rather its in a sense an endgame set of gear you whole guild works towards progressing and upgrading. To me I see nothing but positivity as this is going to create incentives for players to get together and work on something as a unit.

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Conquerable planets: Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Corellia
Taris: Flashpoints, War Supplies
Nar Shaddaa: Warzones
Alderaan: Flashpoints, Warzones

High priority missions have shifted from the war front to emergency deployments in dozens of sectors, instigating power struggles within the Empire and the Republic.

It 8767 s a double edged sword, while there is a lot of grinding involved, a lot of conquest points can come from just normal play (GF, GSF, PvP, Ops, FPs. dailies).

That made me el-oh-el. So true. And the temporary walker mount on the one planet your guild captures: so pointless. I guess you could go on fleet chat and spam, “LFG to come with me to Alderaan and check out my walker mount.”

There are two commanders on Yavin 9.
Imperial in the Prowler 8767 s Trail, and Republic in the Verdant swamp. Both at respective factions Forward Camp speeder. Confirmed they do drop encryptions, and have a chance to spawn a named version. The named version is a new one, which was not in the original pool of rare spawns. Have not been able to confirm if the new level 65 pool has different names, or if the Yavin ones are special.

Oh yeah, because I haven’t already had my fill of killing trash on Alderaan! And what a thrill it’ll be competing with a host of other lv 55s roaming around trying to kill the same mobs. Or oh boy, I can farm mats or repeatedly grind out old warzones & flashpoints! Thanks for all this “new content”, Bioware!

Just to make sure I understand by doing the same quests, I can get both the personal and guild rewards (though the personal one goes faster with stronghold bonus). So basically the only benefit having a bigger guild gives is helping me do quests and getting first place on the leaderboards to gain control of a planet for some rather minor rewards?

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