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Date: 2017-12-29 17:36

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Hello Mr. Steffmann
I download a font from the web 8777 8775 font name 8777 Easteregg 8775 . I know that it can be used in a commercial for it. The use of the word 8777 Happy easter 8775 in the image, which is sold in the form stockphoto. Ask to be sure. If put to commercial use?
Best regard.

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I see a lot of questions about licensing and I am confused myself. Too bad such wonderful work can 8767 t be fully utilized for lack of clarity on the legal status.
I wouold suggest that Mr. Steffmann to do one of these three things:

Workbook-Objekt (Excel)

I am a teacher of engineering technology at a high school in Georgia, USA. One of my students would like to use your font 8777 Prism 8775 in a promotional graphic design competition. The competition is administered by the nonprofit Technology Student Association. There are no cash r monetary awards. May we please have your permission to use this font?

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On a side note My Husband 8767 s family is from Germany, I wish that I knew where they lived. My Husband visited Ramstein Germany back when he was a solider in the US Army, are you located near there?

Greetings Mr. Steffmann. I am an artist (non-professional), and I have been looking all over the internet for fonts to use in my publications and designs. I am a low income (budgeted) person and free fonts that I can use that are ok for commercial projects (electronic and print publications, games, etc.), are very important to me.

Gruesse aus Melbourne! Ich wuerde gerne das grosse N fuer ein 8777 head banner 8775 fuer eine Eco-philosophie Lese-gruppe verwenden.

at first, I would like to congratulate you for your fine aesthetical work and research on fonts, and thank you very much for that.
As the others.. I 8767 ve some problems with license for commercial use, because I 8767 d like use your fonts for my logo creation purposes. So I 8767 d like to ask your permission to use someone of them (especially 8777 Chelsea 8775 I like it). I think it would be a good thing if people can reading and appreciate 8777 Chelsea 8775 , for exemple on a brand label, instead of usual and boring 8777 Sans 8775 or 8777 Arial 8775 . Obviusly I would be careful to credit you as the source of the font design.
Best regards,

I am requesting your permission to use your font Augusta on an embroidered patch. The patch will be used for a Halloween party and given away as a party favor to approximately 55 guests. I will not be selling the patches or profiting in any way. If necessary, I 8767 d be happy to send you a picture of the patch. Thank you so much for your time. J

meine Hobbymusiker und ich habe ein Band, spielen Akustik Rock mit deutschen Texten und haben sehr viel Spaß damit. Für unsere Web Seite haben wir Ihre Schrifttype Hansen verwendet. Sie passt genau zu uns. Nun lässt sich nicht vermeiden, das nach viel üben auch die ersten Auftritte anstehen für die wir auch Gage bekommen. Vielleicht nehmen wir auch mal eine CD auf, die wir bei der Gelegenheit verkaufen wollen.
Unsere Bitte wäre, dass Sie uns die Genehmigung geben, die Schrifttype Hansen auch für kommerzielle Dinge anwenden zu dürfen.
Es würde uns sehr freuen.
Viele Grüße
Roland Schönholz

Hello Mr. Steffmann,
I have found your Canterbury font and am in love with it. I am planning on starting up my own clothing line and would love for this font to be used in the logo and/or printed on shirts,hoodies, jeans etc. it would be greatly appreciated if I could get your permission to do so. Absolutely marvoulous work!

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