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Reah - game - Detalion (Reah face the unknown online spielen)

Reah - game - Detalion

Date: 2017-12-16 07:10

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I really liked this game besides its faults. That does not mean, however that this game would be a good addition to a first time or casual players library. Reah is the type of game that appeals to hard core puzzle fans and would prove very boring and frustrating to casual or first time gamers. Reah tries to appeal to a very broad audience by including characters and inventory gathering but neither is fully fleshed out in the game, and so fail create the hoped for draw. What Reah truly succeeds at is being is a graphically beautiful game with an impressive array of engaging and enticing puzzles.

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The designers of Reah have created an interesting and fantastic city for the game, a hybrid of otherworldly artifacts and costumes somewhere between Agamemnon's Greece and ancient Persia. Each interior is carefully lit and fastidiously detailed with pots, rugs, books and dozens of other strange baubles, making Reah's puzzles that much more difficult to solve. Players should expect to spend a lot of time wandering through the game, as each new scene presents hieroglyphs or devices that need to be experimenting with, sometimes for hours, before solutions can be found.

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