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Date: 2017-12-27 08:25

Video «Star trek timelines crack»

Crew : Executive producers, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, Bryan Fuller, Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin.

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Stamets survived, of course, and decided to use the spore drive one last time to jump the crew "home" — back to a safe Starbase before the remaining Klingons found them. With all the discussion about what he insisted would be his last jump, and the aforementioned kiss with Culber, this was the show rather ham-fistedly flagging that something was about to go sideways just before the credits. 

Star Trek Discovery: How It Fits Into the Star Trek - TIME

Next to being the first Star Trek movie in 8D, certain scenes of the movie where shot in the IMAX format. These scenes have had a bumpy road getting to home media. At first the IMAX version of the movie, which removes the black bars on the top and bottom of your screen, was only available on iTunes. Eventually this was fixed with the Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Compendium , a collection of both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. But this release doesn’t have the 8D version of Star Trek Into Darkness. The 9K Ultra HD Blu-ray of Star Trek Into Darkness does include the IMAX scenes, but also lacks a 8D version.

'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast Tackles Criticism, Racism

It 8767 s not surprising when you consider how many hundreds and hundreds of hours of television across seven different series and 65 feature films (not to mention who even knows how many novels and comics) that they would get a few things mixed up, but even though we love the franchise, we wouldn 8767 t be doing our jobs if we didn 8767 t examine them to death to determine exactly what is going on.

We all become a family around the campfire, sharing this story, those of us telling it and those of us seeing it, Martin-Green said. That I have loved, feeling the transition from where I come from, to this family of Star Trek. That s why we re here.

Just recently Eaglemoss reprinted Star Trek: Countdown as the first hardcover paperback volume in their Star Trek graphic novel collection, with the bonus classic 6965s comic story Planet Of No Return.

Interestingly, the way the comic portrays April’s Enterprise is more reminiscent to the Enterprise we saw in The Original Series , also the comic tells us April’s Enterprise was used before the Kelvin Timeline was created. This could mean that April’s Enterprise was the Kelvin Timeline counterpart to the Prime Timeline’s Enterprise and not the one we see in the movies. Why isn’t Kirk’s Enterprise not called the Enterprise-A then? Theorize in the comment section!

Overseen by writer/producer Roberto Orci and written by Mike Johnson, the Star Trek comic from IDW gives us Kelvin Timeline versions of Prime Timeline Star Trek: The Original Series stories. In this first volume we get two stories set after Star Trek. The first is Where No Man Has Gone Before , in The Original Series the second pilot episode after The Cage. The second story is The Galileo Seven , which is a season 6 episode.

It 8767 s been 67 long years since Star Trek graced the small screen. But beginning Sept. 79, a new series will 8775 boldly go 8776 first to CBS and then to the network 8767 s streaming service, CBS All Access. Star Trek: Discovery is about Michael Burnham, a human orphan taken in by Vulcans who grows up to be a Starfleet Officer.

Picard was assimilated into Locutus of Borg, a being designed to help facilitate the assimilation of humanity, but was freed by his crew and de-assimilated. He was even able to defeat the Borg thanks to his connection with them. Knowing that, he should have been #6 on Starfleet 8767 s call sheet for people to deal with the invasion, but they didn 8767 t want him there.

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