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Date: 2017-12-27 10:26

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Lane Keeping Aid adds convenience and safety to motorway driving. If you're about to cross a lane marking without using the indicator, it will gently steer your car back into the lane. If the steering intervention is not enough or you keep steering across the lane markings, you'll be alerted with vibrations in the steering wheel. Constantly monitoring your position on the road, Lane Keeping Aid provides smooth support at speeds between 65 km/h and 755 km/h.

Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled, this is only a supportive function.

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The stylish front centre armrest enhances long distance comfort while emphasizing the exclusive interior design. You have access to smart storage, two cup holders and a power outlet under a roll-top cover. There's also a small, separate storage in front. Folded up, the armrest displays a generous storage compartment with USB input to connect external devices – such as your mobile phone – to the audio system.

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Suck up bugs and watch them squirm in this anteater's removable belly observation chamber. When you're done, safely release them back into nature.

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For more about Mattel 8767 s tech efforts, read 8775 5 Ways Toymaker Mattel Is Trying to Be More Like Google. 8776

The Polestar Engineered Optimisation powertrain software allows you to enjoy a faster, more precise and intuitive driving experience. Together with Cyan Racing's engineers, we have optimised important performance areas such as mid-range engine performance, gearshifts and throttle response. To get the most out of the Engineered Optimisation software, we strongly recommend you to add our optional drive mode selector.

For smoother driving already from standstill, Pilot Assist semi-autonomous drive supplements Adaptive Cruise Control by adding gentle steering support to help keep the car centred in its lane and at a set speed or distance from the car in front. Pilot Assist steering support can be active up to motorway speeds. If you don't keep a hand on the steering wheel, Pilot Assist is automatically switched off. Pilot Assist is part of IntelliSafe Assist.

Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled as well as for maintaining the correct distance and speed, even when Pilot Assist is being used. Semi-autonomous systems, such as Pilot Assist, are restricted in how much acceleration, braking and steering force they can apply.

Retooling Mattel could take many more years, of course—especially given the typical 68-month concept-to-market cycle in the industry. Georgiadis says she had a modest hand in this year’s holiday toy lineup, most of which was already under development when she joined the company.

Elegantly integrated in the parcel shelf, this power-operated sun curtain efficiently reduces heat and glare in the rear seat. It's perforated to allow the driver good vision through the rear-view mirror, and is conveniently operated from the centre display with touch screen. When not needed, the sun curtain is hidden into the parcel shelf.

This switch allows you to conveniently disengage the passenger airbag if you intend to put a rearward-facing child seat in the front passenger seat. The switch can only be accessed with the door open. When the airbag is switched off, you’re notified by a message on the roof console display.

Make sure you are carrying the emergency items you need with this handy first-aid kit. Conveniently carried in the load compartment and containing a variety of bandages, the kit’s contents are stored in different compartments making it easier and quicker to locate items.

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